Expert Training

Salon Support

Training and Support

Medical and Skin Technology Training

  1. We provide expert training of Medical and Skin Technology Devices for Melbourne Salon Spa Professionals.
  2. We offer practical in house training from beginners to advanced practitioners.
  3. We offer comprehensive one on one training sessions personalised for you and your staff.
  4. We give you the confidence to start using your technology immediately.
  5. Gain complete knowledge of your technology and equipment and maximise your clinical treatment efficacy.

Active Skincare and Product Training

  1. We offer complete training for all our skincare products.
  2. We offer comprehensive product analysis on key ACTIVE ingredients.
  3. We offer in depth discussion and clinical studies regarding all product ACTIVE ingredients.
  4. We provide effective marketing ideas to help you educate your clients and build product confidence.

Support and Consultation

  1. We will help you expand your product and service provisions to Guarantee your salon and spa's financial success.
  2. We recognise the importance in having all your staff promoting and actively discussing your new products and services.
  3. We provide you with effective and innovative tools to strengthen your business philosophy.
  4. We help you actively plan and incorporate feedback into further building your financial success.
  5. We provide proven cost effective marketing solutions to promote your new products and services.
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